Take two minutes to complete this brief, nine-question diabetes risk quiz. You'll learn more about your diabetes risk status and how you compare to others. Its FREE and answers are provided to you INSTANTLY.
All participants will receive their score via email.
1) Diabetes is a prevalent condition in our society. Please check all of your relationship types that have been affected: (Required) Please check all that apply.
Parents Aunts/Uncles
Siblings Friends
Grandparents Co-Workers
2) Your present lifestyle is best described as: (Required)
Sedentary - minimal exercise
Occasional - exercising 2 to 3 times a week
Active - exercising 4 to 6 times a week
Athlete - actively competing/participating in activities on regular basis
3) How old are you? (Required)
Under 30 51 to 60
31 to 40 61+
41 to 50  
4) Have you experienced a weight change in the past 5 years? (Required)
I've lost 20+ lbs I've gained 10 to 20 lbs
I've lost 10 to 20 lbs I've gained 21+ lbs
I've gained/lost less than 10 lbs  
5) Which of the following BEST describes your state of mind: (Required)
Diabetes runs in my family and I'm trying to avoid it.
I'm a little overweight and I have some other risk factors.
I'm trying to make sure I have a long, quality life.
I'm trying to optimize all aspects of my health.
6) Are you currently experiencing any of these symptoms? (Please check all that apply.) (Required) Please check all that apply.
High Cholesterol Increased Urination
High Blood Pressure Tingling/Numbness in Fingers or Toes
Vision Changes Darkening Skin Folds
Frequent Infections  
7) To date, what efforts have you made to learn about Diabetes? (Required)
I've searched the Internet for information.
I've looked at Diabetes Prevention Programs.
I have spoken with my health care provider regarding Diabetes.
I've tried everything I could think of. I'm very worried.
8) Presently, how concerned are you about becoming Diabetic? (Required)
I'm not concerned. I'm moderately concerned.
I'm slightly concerned. I'm very concerned.
9) Which of the following BEST describes you? (Pick one.) (Required)
Big Picture Oriented: enthusiastic, talkative, interested in people & ideas, not details.
Results Oriented: efficient, make decisions quickly, bottom-line directed
Detail Oriented: accurate, precise, interested in facts and research
Cooperation Oriented: agreeable, dislike conflict, likes partnership, relationship
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If you have elevated risk profile, PreDiabetes Centers will offer you the opportunity to have comprehensive PreDiabetes testing done complimentary. You can come to one of our centers - or we can even come to your home if you would like. No cost to you whatsoever.
If your score is elevated, PreDiabetes Centers will offer to provide you with a personalized program designed to help you avoid or delay the onset of Diabetes.
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